I studied Political Science with a concentration on Russian politics. Trump is opening the door to a new and better relationship with Putin. Given Russia's ties to oil in the Middle East and its gifts of nuclear weapons to Iran, we can't ignore Putin anymore. I believe Russia will be more useful than we think in resolving the ongoing mess in the Middle East and potential issues with China.

Hillary Clinton’s brand of feminism was hard to relate to. Sure, she's well-educated and accomplished, but she stayed married to Bill Clinton who disrespected her on a world scale with numerous affairs throughout their marriage. A true feminist would not stand for such degrading behavior. It suggests she is not her own person. Millennial women were brought up to believe they could be professionally successful without a man's last name.

Millennials grew up during a time when everyone on a sports team got a trophy. They didn’t learn work ethic or how to earn real recognition. As a result, my generation believes that everything should be handed to them. Hence, the Millennial craze for Bernie Sanders' free college. Or timing their posts on social media to optimize their “likes.” Acceptance is more important to them than being strong-minded. And when you're weak-minded, you vote for whoever your favorite celebrity has endorsed.

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