It made me so mad when Nancy Pelosi gave the auto executives such a hard time. Detroit built our nation! She embarrassed them and it offended me. Ten years later it happened again, when Governor Snyder went to Washington to ask for help. I read the court proceedings. They made him beg for assistance and cross examined him. Families in Flint needed help. It was not a time for politics! The people needed clean water!

What I would like to say to the Democrats is this: You guys lost because you put politics above the people. You didn’t think about the implications of Obamacare. When Nancy Pelosi said, “Let’s pass it first and then look at it,” she was gambling with our lives to score a political win.

I arrived in Michigan from Hong Kong on Christmas Eve, 1973. The first thing I did with my new husband was decorate this Christmas tree. Back then things were simple. No one was ever called a racist. You never had to worry about saying something that would be taken the wrong way. But now, people are so careful and self-conscious. If you use a word that someone else has decided is offensive, suddenly you’re a racist!

Actually, I doubt my tax picture will improve much under Trump. But it’s not about what I get. It’s about the community. In the last ten years it’s been so hard for people around here to make a living and raise a family. Our customers say the same things. “Sorry it’s been a while, but we can’t afford to eat out anymore” or “We can’t find a full-time job because no one wants to pay the insurance for Obamacare, so we’re cobbling together a few part-time jobs and it’s exhausting.”

Couples who used to come in and order two entrees now just share one. With fewer customers, we can’t afford to hire a server or a dishwasher, so my husband and I do everything. We work hard. Six days a week we close the restaurant at 8pm and it takes us till midnight, sometimes 2AM, to clean up and prep for the next day. I believe that Trump can bring jobs back to the region. In any case, Obama sure didn’t.

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