The big corporations get away with everything. But small businesses are the backbone of this country! How do I respond to liberals calling Trump voters stupid or uninformed? We're not stupid, we're just tired. Tired of being taken advantage of. As a small business owner I pay the same tax rate as larger corporations but enjoy none of the loopholes provided by the high priced corporate lawyers.

My husband and I enjoy a nice life. We've raised five amazing children to adulthood. For 30 years we've run a very successful business in suburban NJ. But we know a lot of small business owners who can't make ends meet and it's a direct result of Obamacare and taxation. It's widely acknowledged among small business owners that the last affordable year of excellent coverage was 2007.

Yes, it's regrettable, his remarks about women. But let's be honest with ourselves. If we all knew what people said behind closed doors it would disqualify a lot of people from a lot of jobs.

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