As a legal immigrant who came for graduate school, then worked for free to get experience, struggled for years, and did everything to follow the law and order of the land only to find myself stuck in the rigid 10 year long immigration process — Donald Trump’s victory became very personal to me.

I invite all feminists, the LGBTQ community, men, women, whoever thinks President Donald Trump is not your president: I am more than happy to give you my Indian citizenship (freebie!) so you can go live for 24 years in New Delhi, India, and then come back and chat with me. I can guarantee, you will be very thankful for the USA and very glad with what you already have right now.

In 1980, Indira Gandhi became the first Indian woman Prime Minister. Four years later she was shot dead in broad daylight by her own bodyguards. People hated her not because she was a woman, people hated her for her policies. In 2007, India elected its first woman President. Well, look today at the condition of women living in India and how they are treated. Nothing has changed or improved. Just by having a woman president does not necessarily do anything for women.

I believe unborn lives matter. Because of the ethics of my late grandmother, who barely passed middle school, who insisted that I not be aborted for being the third girl child in the family, today I am alive.

I’m a vegan, a hiker, and care passionately about the environment. We have so much to learn from nature itself.

I agreed with almost every policy that Trump proposed, but disagreed with him on climate change. I do believe it’s real and it is in our hands to protect the earth.

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